Security and Safety with Deadbolt Locks

Security and Safety with Deadbolt Locks

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Most homeowners are advised to opt for deadbolt installation for the purpose of making their house or apartment more secure. The question is how effective this measure is. There are also concerns about the level of safety of homes with such locking devices. Learn everything you must know before you decide whether to have such a device installed.Security and Safety with Deadbolt Locks

Design, Make and Types

Instead of using a simple latch, these door locksets have a bolt which is typically at least one inch long. This makes it much more difficult to force the door open. Additionally, while it is possible to use a tool to take the latch out of the strike plate hole, this can never happen with a bolt. Deadbolts are also more difficult to pick. This is especially the case if they use a six-pin internal mechanism rather than one based on five pins. In general, it is best to invest slightly more in a six-pin locking device for the purpose of making your home more secure.

Another major factor to take into consideration is that the make of the deadbolt determines how secure it is to a great extent. Door lock cylinders and plugs made from zinc are easier to overcome in addition to being less durable compared to their counterparts made from brass or steel. For getting even greater security and durability, it is best for the strike plate to be made from brass or steel as well. Again, the extra money that you put in will certainly pay off.

There are three main types of deadbolts based on the locking options. The so called single key models can be locked only from the outside. This means that you will not be able to use the security benefits which this type of locking device offers when you are inside the house. The turnkey models can be locked from the outside with a key and from the inside with a turnkey, which is easy and convenient to operate. This is a more secure option.

The most secure option is the double key or double cylinder one. It enables you to lock the door from both sides. At the same time, it can compromise the safety of people inside the property in case of fire. If the deadbolt is locked and the key cannot be easily found, people may not be able to get outside. That is why if you go for this option when it comes to lock installation, you have to ensure that you will keep the key close to the door possibly in a key box. It is best if the box is set as close to the floor as possible given the lower smoke level close to the ground.

You can now make the right choice regarding lock security.

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