Different Types of Safes

Different Types of Safes

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Safes were first introduced in 1885. Since then, they became popular in both businesses and homes for securing valuables, including jewelleries, money and important documents. While door locks secure the property, safe installation further enhances security. If an intruder is able to bypass security locks, he would still not be able to easily steal important items stored in a safe. Moreover, it can also protect important things from fire.Different Types of Safes

Various Safe Options

Some safes are installed on walls and some on floors, while others can be moved from one place to another. While a portable safe can be convenient, it may also pose a security risk, as anyone who with access to it could take it with them. While it could be difficult to open the safe, there’s still a possibility that an unauthorised person could do this using various techniques, including using force. Those that are installed can be more difficult to break-in, as there would be a higher chance that the thief would be caught if trying to unlock it inside the property. There are different ways to open a safe.

You can open certain safes using your fingerprints. There are safes that use biometrics and they are the most secure, as this is something unique for each person. Since it can be opened only with the right fingerprint stored, it would not be possible for others to open the safe. While they provide maximum security, they could cost a lot. Like combination doors locks, there are also safes that can be opened by turning the lock and getting the right combination. If someone finds out about your secret combination, then they could easily get access to whatever is in the safe. This is also true with one that requires the right pin to be entered on a keypad.

Aside from the way that these safes are opened, they can also be differentiated based on their purpose. Some safes are designed to secure items from theft, while others are designed to secure items from fire. Fire resistant safes are perfect for documents and items that you wish to secure from fire. If you’re more concerned with theft, you can get those that are made for this. However, if you wish to have both, there are safes that were designed to provide protection against theft and fire. There are also safes made to secure media such as DVD, hard drives and flash drives from temperature that may cause damage to the data.

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